Fasta Short Term Loans

Fasta is an online short term loan provider based in South Africa. They offer their users many different loan options that make them a preferred provider for short term loans. They have a fast system that allows you to apply and get your loans fast! They also offer additional features like a Virtual Credit Card that allows users to spend their loan online via online shopping.

Besides the Credit Card, Fasta have an easy to use and easy to navigate platform that making the process much Faster and simpler. Users can also get their loan in cash paid to their bank account should they not want to use the credit card.

Quick Fact

Registered with NCRYes
When do you get your money?Same Day
Online ApplicationYes
Max Loan AmountR8000
Interest Per Month3%
Initiation Fees Based on R1000R172
Documents NeededID, Proof Of Income, Bank Account

About Test Loan

Fasta is a Fintech business that offers users a new and unique way to pay for online and in store purchases. They have started to integrate with many payment gateways making it easy for users to use their service to extend payments or buy on credit. Thanks to Fasta’s innovative technology, customers can get access to credit in minutes.

Fasta has a self-service application that is easy to use and allows customers to take out loans of up to R8 000 over a twelve month period. The company ahs its headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa.


Fasta has many benefits that we have not seen on other online loan providers. Fasta offers customers two main ways of getting their loan, either via cash deposit or via the Fasta Virtual Credit Card. This means users have more freedom on how and where to spend their money. Fasta is a truly innovative solution and is changing the way online loans work.

Where Can You Spend Your Money?

Online StoresAll thanks to the Virtual Credit Card
Physical StoresMany thanks to the Virtual Credit Card

Fasta is a popular online loan provider in South Africa and it is easy to see why. From their easy to use and simple to navigate platform to their Virtual Credit Card. This Fintech company ahs really thought of it all. Some reviews have said that the support team is very attentive and helpful, this is great to see in the online loan industry.

If you are wanting to take out and online loan, or are interested into how much it will cost. Check out the link below to check out and use the Fasta Platform.

Check out the Fasta Platform.